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NEW! A Proposition

July 2013

We have had so many inquiries about SuperTrack that we are thinking of

making these in Massachusetts. We are trying get a better sense of how many folks

would purchase one for $2750.00 ea. This slider is a workhorse and after a year of

field use, one of our customers sold it for $ 3000.00! It also does well as a rental.

Call Mike Quinn 617-538-8756


New Mini Slide is a natural slider delivered to National Geographic Videographer.

All Weather

Ocean Ready/Submerged Rated

Low Friction - Quiet - Smooth

Ultra-Light Construction

Manufacturers of SPECIAL UNDER WATER


Price: $ 110.00 x 36"

Call Mike Quinn 617-538-8756

April 2012

LM76 delivers its second automated camera slide

to Studio One's Mobile Studio. In the video you will see how the individual has the

opportunity to correct the camera height to the appropriate level for their audition.

See Video


New compilation from DP John Petrella

using the John Petrella Run & Gun 2000

Twin Rail Camera Slider

Meet Canadfian DP John Petrella. John is an award winning cinematographer and photographer who is now working on the HBO Movie " Hemingway and Gellhor." starring Clive Owen and Nicole Kidman. You can see the slider John designed for his work in Cuba. See more on John at

Shane Kelly is an award winning cinematographer from Austin,Texas. Shane developed his own slider employing our SERIES 2 sliders. He uses it with his DSLR and Large Cameras. His comment, "
It works beautifully." Shane will be sending video samples which we will post.
If you want to know more about Shane, see his website:

See more photos from Shane Here