Camera Sliders for Low End
& High End Video Cameras

Designed by Linear Bearing Engineers
Camera Sliders for the Beginner and the PRO


Cam-Slider is a sleek design seen in the above video. It is a smooth, quiet - yet substantial - camera slider. It does make for beautiful mini-dolly moves seen in this artful video.

Edward Gilbert
Inventor of the CAM-SLIDE Camera Slider

Edward Gilbert is President and owner of Gilbert and Company. Edward is an internationally known designer and builder of camera sliders and teleprompters. Gilbert and Company was founded in 2005 and operates a modern 6000 sq ft facility located in Vero Beach, Florida.

Edward wanted to design a system with fluid-like motion...smooth, easy and quiet. He also knew that sliding or sleeve bearings had real issues with sticking and edge-loading. Rolling technology from Camera Motions gave Edward what he needed. Congratulations Edward on a great
design. You can learn more at

To purchase a
Cam-Slider, call Cam-Slide Systems 1-800-634-5017