Camera Sliders for Low End
& High End Video Cameras
Designed by Linear Bearing Engineers
Camera Sliders for the Beginner and the PRO



NOTE: Due to the low clearance bewteen the moving carriage plate and the rail, your camera mounts biased to the rear of
the carriage plate. There is no way to center mount your camera over the rail. Both 1/4-20 and 3/8" through holes are
present for mounting a camera directly and/or mounting a joystick head.

The Simple Slider mini-dolly slider is an entry level slider for lightweight DSLR's and video cameras weighing under 10 pounds. It is
lightweight, fits in a travel bag and offers quiet, smooth and efficient linear travel. Simple Slider comes in 3 standard lengths: 24" - 36"
and 48". Special lengths are available upon request. A great slider for film makers on the run.

Simple Slider